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Sales Pipeline Management Tools to Boost Your Sales Performance

Whether you're a sales manager looking to train your team or a sales professional looking for new insights and strategies, this blog and sales training video will help you enhance your sales performance and drive meaningful connections with your customers.   

How do you improve sales performance with clean pipelines and qualified prospects? 

Ken Guest dives into a sales framework known as "The Five Lenses of Pipeline Management," a game-changing approach designed to improve your sales performance. The five lenses will help to bring clarity, structure, and success to your sales opportunities like never before.  
Watch this sales training video to learn how to improve your sales performance.  

The Five Lenses of Sales Pipeline Management 

1. The Definition of Pipeline 
Ken suggests that nothing should go into a sales pipeline until a first agreed-upon meeting is scheduled. This helps differentiate between prospecting and selling, and it allows sales managers to coach effectively. 

2. Three Types of Proposals 
Ken explains three types of proposals: informational, leverage, and confirmation proposals. It's essential to identify which type of proposal you are dealing with to adjust your approach accordingly. 

3. Non-Negotiable Questions 
Ken emphasizes the importance of asking non-negotiable questions before proposing a solution. These questions should help you understand the client's pain, budget and decision-making process. 

4. Taking It to a "No" 
Ken suggests that you should be willing to take opportunities to a "no" if you've followed up multiple times with no response. It's essential to give the prospect permission to say no. 

5. Clear Future 
A "clear future" means having a scheduled date and time for the next step or a decision. Sales managers should encourage salespeople to achieve clear futures in their deals.

This approach to sales pipeline management provides a structured and practical way to manage and assess sales opportunities effectively. It helps eliminate ambiguity and increases the chances of successful deal outcomes.

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