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Matt Rocco

Partner with Sandler by The Ruby Group in Florida.

Matt's entrepreneurial spirit molded his passion for helping others to eliminate self-limiting beliefs, improve confidence, and apply the Attitudes, Behaviors, and Techniques for personal and professional growth.

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Matt Rocco developed a strong work ethic while working in his parents' Florida ice cream franchise starting at the age of 12. As Matt worked with his parents, he was able to observe many aspects of running a successful business. As a 16-year-old, under his mom's careful direction, Matt became a store manager while finishing high school and this became the foundation for his future work endeavors.

For the last 18 years, Matt has held various roles including account management, co-ownership, and director of sales positions for multiple leading businesses and companies. Through this journey Matt has been most fascinated by watching and understanding the specific customer journey that leads to growth in revenue. One of Matt’s top priorities is to always deliver massive value and to serve both his clients and fellow colleagues at the highest level. At an early age, Matt became aware of a passion for encouraging conversations and encounters that led others to believe in themselves and he continues to be motivated by this every day. It is one of his daily practices to encourage others to let go of any limiting beliefs that hinder their success. His philosophy is to become very self-aware, achieve personal goals, and then help others. Matt says, “We all have the power to help those around us become more aware of who they are and what they were created to become”.

Matt now leads businesses through Sandler Training and is passionate about watching acquaintances succeed in their endeavors. Rooted in this early desire to see others succeed and be fulfilled, Matt has dedicated his life to the consistent application of hands-on principles and practices that allow continual advancement in all areas of life.

Sandler provides Matt with a platform to share success ideas, methods, and approaches, while channeling his passion for business development, growth scaling, coaching, and mentoring.

Matt lives in Lake City, FL with his three beautiful daughters, ages 17, 13 and 8, all of whom play volleyball. In his spare time, Matt loves to coach his daughter’s volleyball teams and enjoys being a mentor/basketball coach for high school age young men.

“We all have the power to help those around us become more aware of who they are and what they were created to become."

-- Matt Rocco

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