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Sales is a unique industry that allows you to make your own place in the world. Where you go and the success you achieve is a direct reflection on your ability to find your own success. Unfortunately, some people need help finding their way to success, and that’s what training can assist in.

Whether you’re not seeing results from your team, or you don’t have the man power to train them, outside training will get everyone focused on what is important and change the road blocks keeping your team from reaching those sales and seeing new prospects. Here we outline the five major areas where salespeople fail, and a lot of the times don’t even realize it.

The top sales areas to evaluate in your team and self:

#1 –Selling Process
Have a systematic way to stay in control of your sale. Once you analyze your sale piece by piece, you can discover what worked and what didn’t work. Decide what you want, build a plan, and you can bet on the outcome.  Preparation is key; you can’t expect to see success without the pain.

#2 – Prospecting
You must get in front of the real decision makers, do your research to find out who they are and how they prefer to be contacted because if you are stopped with the gatekeeper it is a waste of time. Find out who these decision makers are by putting yourself in networking situations and get in front of new prospects on a consistent basis.

#3 – Sales Management
If you find your team becomes overly optimistic about a prospect stating they will think it over, remember that prospects lie all the time and a strong up-front contract gives you the opportunity to deal with your biggest fears up front.  Make sure that jobs are delegated to people, with everyone wearing too many hats, things start to slip through the cracks, like coaching and training.

#4 – Referral Generation
Money can grow on trees – referral trees to be exact. By generating a group that refers you, it is like having someone else do the hard work for you. And remember you have to tell clients to refer business in your direction.

#5 – Communications Skills
It’s common knowledge that as a profession, salespeople are one of the most Not-OK groups in existence. If there is someone who makes you feel not-OK, get rid of them! Get mentally and emotionally tough, and gain the prospect’s trust. People do business with people they trust and are most likely to give up the sale to you when you own that trust.

As the salesperson, you are in one of the few fields that allow you to work independently, and your success is a direct reflection as to what you put it. So make sure your team does the same to put their best abilities to see the greatest return. A life without risk is a life without growth. 


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