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For more than 12 years, The Ruby Group has been helping both organizations and individuals in the Akron and Canton areas to develop a proven, reliable, transferable process for sales and management. We do this in three areas:

  • Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Changing Attitudes & Beliefs
  • Selling & Management Technique

It is The Ruby Group’s aim to help companies and individuals reach their unique personal and professional goals. Our coaches take the time to hold individuals and companies accountable...  Read more...

Improve Close Rates: 5 Reasons You Lost that Sale Last Week (Part 1)

Did you know if you just changed a few things, you could improve close rate in a big way? It’s not rocket science, but it does involve a change in mentality. Since adjusting my own mindset around sa... Read more...

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Cold Calling

Using Referrals

Coaching Your People

Mike Jones of The Ruby Group coaches owners and managers on how to respond when they have the "I wish my people would..." thoughts.


Mon 02/08

Questioning Strategies-Foundations

Mon 02/08

Intermediate President's Club

Tue 02/09

Three Ways to Grow Your Sales-Advanced President's Club

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