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Sales Training Articles

Smart phones and tablets allow salespeople on the go to have affordable business resources at their fingertips. Thanks to application developers across the U.S., many of the best business apps that benefit salespeople are free. Here at The Ruby Group, we’ve listed our five favorite cost-effective apps for salespeople that can help boost business and make your job a little easier.

Sales is a unique industry that allows you to make your own place in the world. Where you go and the success you achieve is a direct reflection on your ability to find your own success. Unfortunately, some people need help finding their way to success, and that’s what training can assist in.

When it comes to sales, having the ability to relate to your prospective buyer can help easily boost profit. With today’s competitive sales approaches, any effort that can be done to build stronger relationships with prospective clients is worthwhile. A personality test can be an effective way to accomplish your goal of increased sales and stronger professional relationships.

It’s amazing but true: some people have trouble seeing farther than the end of their current workday. When you talk to these people, you’ll often find them drowning in their everyday problems. When you ask how they can go on this way, they give you a strange look, as if they have no alternative.

Rather than hitting perspective customers with a rehearsed elevator pitch, try asking open-ended questions that are sure to get them talking – and buying.

Appeared in June 2011 NAWBO Newsletter
According to Wikipedia the definition of a leader is the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. But, how do you get leadership skills if you have never been in a leadership position?

Appeared in September 2010 NAWBO Newsletter
Networking, you either love or hate it. When you are building your business it is an essential part of your overall prospecting plan. What is networking? Look at it as two words: net and working.

If you've been in sales for more than six months, and you're still making cold calls, you're on the wrong track. You're not going to reach the top. Your manager and /or company may be proud of you for making these calls, but top sales performers would tell you you're wasting your time. There's a better way to get to the top.

Appeared in 2007 Epitome Magazine
There is an invisible barrier that is holding you back. It is the reason why many of us aren’t achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

Appeared in October 2001 Small Business Magazine.
Failing to effectively generate referrals from clients and other professionals is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The biggest resource any company has is its client base. You may be uncomfortable asking your clients for referrals because you think it jeopardizes the integrity of your company.

Appeared in June 2001 Small Business Magazine.
Trade shows are to salespeople what Christmas is to retailers. They offer a brief period when you have the potential to really overfill your leads pipeline.

Appeared in March 2001 Small Business Magazine.
You've always been great at sales. Then one day you became the manager or the owner--and that's when the nightmare began. That was when you discovered the manager's reality: The sales manager's position is one of the most difficult in the company to fill as you're caught between playing nursemaid to your people and bringing in the numbers.