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The Ruby Group | Akron & Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL

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Steve Weyl

Senior Partner with Sandler Training by The Ruby Group in Cleveland, Akron, and Columbus

A dedicated trainer, coach, and mentor with 30
years experience in business, selling, & marketing

Steve Weyl_

Before becoming a Sandler trainer, Steve started as a student of Sandler Training in 1998 when he adopted Sandler Training as the selling foundation for his own company, ABLE Roofing. ABLE grew to 19 locations becoming the largest residential roofing company in the United States and the 4th largest residential/commercial roofing company (ref. Roofing Contractor Magazine Top 100) with over $105MM in annual sales.

Steve eventually sold ABLE and now trains and coaches companies in both B2B & B2C spaces throughout the United States.

Steve’s client list is extensive and includes the following industries: Insurance, Manufacturing, Accounting, Engineering, Home Improvement, IT,  Wealth Management, Banking, Distribution, Non-Profit, Automotive, Retail, Legal, Inventory, Business Services, Real Estate, Construction, Advertising, Wholesale.

Steve's areas of expertise include:

  • Delivering Customized Sandler Sales Training
  • Executive Sales & Marketing Coaching
  • DISC Training
  • Sales Management
  • Team Building
  • New Business Development

Steve earned his Bachelor's Degree, Business Administration, and Management, Franklin University


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