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The Ruby Group | Akron & Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL

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Please join us for a complimentary training session and see if Sandler Training is the right fit for you. Below is a list of sessions that are available for you to attend as our guest. Please make sure to reserve your seat ahead of time.

Transform your career and your team.

The following are a few complimentary sessions we currently have available.



Do you want to transform your leaky pipeline into a well-oiled machine to help increase sales by at least 30%? Attend as our guest to an upcoming "Why Have A System" session to learn how. This is a completely free session for you to attend, all you have to do is reserve your seat by submitting your information below. This session will help you to understand the difference between the Prospect's System and the Sandler Selling System methodology, and the value of using a professional selling system that allows both the prospect and the sales person to get their needs met.

"Don’t look at Sandler training as purely sales training, as it is so much more than that. Sandler, and the team at The Ruby Group, will push you and challenge you to go places and do things like never before. Accept it, take it in, and run with it. What you learn and pick up on during this time, will affect both your professional and personal life, all for the better. This program has completely transformed the way I go through my day and the way I look at life. From the sales standpoint, my approach and process to a sale has completely changed. I have seen results in all stages of the sales process. I interact with customers better, I am getting more information out of them and this leads to better productivity. The same techniques that I am using for my customers are also transferrable to other parts of life. I have set goals for both my professional and personal life and I am tracking my behaviors that will help me get to those goals. Sandler training will make you challenge yourself and go against the grain to get results and work things in your favor. Take the tools that they give to you and use all that you can.”

Justin A.D. Jeffers, Vice President

Private Fleet Conversions


Professional Service Providers Free Session

No One Ever Told You That You'd Have to Sell!

Are you developing your own practice, or working where your compensation depends upon your ability to generate revenue? You need a consistent, predictable system that's professional and non-salesy, and teaches you how to recognize business opportunities.