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The Ruby Group | Akron and Columbus, OH

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Sales Boot Camp

This boot camp was designed to provide sales professionals with a systematic approach to selling and non-traditional techniques


Does your sales process need a shot of inspiration?

It happens to the best of us: we struggle to achieve our targets, we fall into a rut, we lose steam. Do you need to jump start your sales? Join us for this interactive 2-day boot camp and review the 7-step sales process that can differentiate you from your competition. Inquire at the bottom of this page!

Attendees will...

  • Review your current sales system and identify gaps
  • Build on your strong selling foundation and refresh your skills
  • Establish a system for selling that puts you and the prospect at ease
  • Reassess your approach and update your tailored qualifying process
  • Light an internal fire and get motivated to achieve your 2018 sales goals
  • Uncover the power of becoming mentally and emotionally tough in sales
  • Develop questioning strategies to uncover the prospect’s true motive to buy
  • Learn to take control of the sales process and avoid the “buyer-seller” dance
  • Learn how to prevent stalls, objections and become comfortable prospecting
  • Overcome your sales “head trash” and take your professional skills to the next level
  • Understand how to develop a trusted advisor relationship with prospects and customers

Can't make it to the next Boot Camp?

Inquire about another one of our upcoming 2018 Boot Camps

  • Wednesday, October 24th & & Thursday, October 25th
  • Wednesday, December 12th & & Thursday, December13th

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