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You’ve got 30 seconds to write down as many words or phrases as possible that come to mind when I say the word: salesperson. Go! So, what did you come up with? Did your list look something like this?

●Used car






●Bad hair

●And mostly other negative words, right?


You’re in sales. Do those things describe you? (I hope not!)

So, why is it that salespeople are given such a bad reputation? Why is it that salespeople are avoided at all costs? Why do we say, “I’m just looking,” when the salesperson at the retail store asks if she can help? When we ARE actually looking for something specific, and having some help would be good?

Over the years, “sales” has gotten such a bad name. It’s often challenging to even get someone to take our call or respond to an email when it comes to traditional selling.

How Do We Change That Perception?

There are three words David Sandler used to describe the type of person most people want to buy from. In order to buy from you, I need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

The problem with the traditional sales mentality, and what is therefore feeding the negative opinions of prospects everywhere, is that it focuses on selling a product or service, as opposed to solving a need or addressing a desire.

In traditional sales, the goal is the SELL something. In the Sandler KNOW-LIKE-TRUST model, our focus is on uncovering pain, exploring ways we might be able to help, and providing solutions if there’s a fit between what we do and what the prospect needs. It’s about more than just selling something.

Salesperson or Trusted Advisor?

Now, I want you to try that exercise again; but this time, take 30 seconds and come up with as many words as possible that you would like people to say or think about you in your role as a salesperson. Go!

Hopefully, your list looks more like this…








●And lots of other POSITIVE words like these!

Although times have changed in recent years, I would say a great number of salespeople still operate under this old school, traditional style of selling. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the sale. However, for those who have adopted the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST mentality and are becoming (or have become) a trusted advisor, they are the ones who are knocking it out of the park. They are the ones who are succeeding. They are the ones who are described with words from that second list!

Are You Tired of the Traditional Selling Approach?

We’d love to talk with you. We work with people every day who are frustrated with the way “things have always been done.” Give us a call at 330-929-9449 or shoot us an email.

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