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“I just can’t get her to make a decision.”

“He’s stuck on price, and I can’t get beyond that.”

“She has so much pain, but she doesn’t see the value in our service.”

Any of these sound familiar?

Notice a theme? Every one of these statements puts the blame on the prospect…he’s stuck…she doesn’t see the value…she can’t make a decision.

Is it possible the problem isn’t with the prospect? Truth is, it’s very likely the problem is NOT the prospect, but rather a lack of consistent process on your end.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to review how you got here:

Did I qualify the prospect before the meeting? Was “homework” sent prior to the call to gather pre-qualifying information? Did I ask enough questions before we met to make sure the prospect could even be a customer?

Did I have a strong up-front contract? Were there clear expectations for the call – both from the prospect’s end and mine? Did we agree to the purpose of the meeting and what the possible outcomes were? Was it clear what a “no” looked like and what a “yes” looked like?

Did I build an environment of trust? Was there enough bonding and rapport either prior to the meeting or as the call got started? Did I enter the meeting with the genuine desire to help?

Did I uncover noticeable pain? Did the conversation go beyond just surface-level pain? Was there true personal impact uncovered? Did the prospect get emotional about her problem(s)?

Did I listen well? Who talked more during the call? Did I truly listen to what he was saying or did I focus solely on my agenda and making sure I got all my points embedded in the conversation?

Did I have all the decision-making parties in the room? Did the person on the other side of the table have full decision-making power, or did she have to get buy-in from someone else?

Did I make it easy to make a decision? What other steps had to happen between the prospect saying “yes” and the product being delivered or the service being started/provided?

When you have a selling system, and you stick to it, each of these points is guaranteed to be covered.

Just like the process in a fast-food restaurant, where the French fries are dunked into the oil for a certain number of seconds, removed and seasoned with three shakes of salt, then scooped in a particular way before they’re placed in the bag just right, a selling system offers consistency and allows you to focus on the prospect’s needs instead of your product or service.

Don’t have a selling system?

Sandler Training might help. Give us a call at 330-929-9449 or email We’d love to learn more about your business and your particular situation and explore how we may be able to help.

Thank you to Matt White for sharing. Matt is the owner of JoltCMS where he helps businesses help their customers.


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