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Do you want to grow your business?

Are you a business owner looking for exponential growth in the coming months and years?

It’s hard to find an owner who doesn’t want to grow. But, it takes much more than just “wanting” to grow. In fact, it starts from inside. It boils down to the internal philosophies that drive you and your business.

Here are six philosophies of high-growth companies:

1. People who define an ideal and always strive to achieve it will always outperform those without goals.

“If you can define it, you can become it.” – David Sandler

In order to be “high growth,” you have to know what “high growth” means for your business. Do you have specific goals? Most people/business don’t. Do you have written goals? Almost no one does. But, when you have specific, written goals, you will always outperform those who are just floating around “hoping” for success.

2. Employees are your most important asset, starting with YOU.

Just about any company likely understands its people are a valuable asset. But, a high-growth company truly believes its greatest asset is its people – and not just employees, but it starts with the owner/president. Some of the most successful companies in the world – Zappos, Virgin, Southwest Airlines – are known for their happy employees. They are also known for owners/founders who take pride in the business, who love what they do, and who see themselves as much of an asset as the people they employ.

3. Attitudes of abundance and opportunity always outperform attitudes of limits and scarcity.

Poorly performing companies, and even average businesses, often get caught up in the negativity of our high-stress, highly competitive, fearful and pessimisticworld. High performing companies, however, see abundance and opportunity in every situation. Scarcity and limitations are not roadblocks, but are seen as challenges to be overcome.

4. There is no such thing as “good enough.”

Seth Godin is often quoted for his “just ship it” mentality. And, while high-growth companies aren’t afraid to “ship it” before it’s perfect, they are heavily focused on constant improvement. Iterating, adjusting, increasing, decreasing, killing, bringing back to life – all are part of understanding it’s never “good enough.”

5. Great, successful people are made, not born.

Richard Branson didn’t pop out of the womb a brilliant businessman. Oprah Winfrey wasn’t a child prodigy. Michael Phelps didn’t just show up to the Olympics and win 18 gold medals. High-growth companies understand the same is true for their people. Success principles are learned, and anyone can expand and improve upon his or her natural abilities.

6. “Blind spots,” once identified, can be dealt with.

Blind spots aren’t always easy to recognize – that’s why they’re called “blind spots.” Whether uncovered through self-examination or manifested by a mentor or colleague, blind spots, once identified, can and should be dealt with. Leaders of high-growth companies are active in recognizing their blind spots and seeking to eradicate them by either learning new skills or finding and partnering with others to fill the void.

If you want to experience true growth, start by adopting these core philosophies of high-growth companies. And, if you need help to better understand how to implement these philosophies in your business, let us know. Just give us a call at 330-929-9449 or email

Thank you to Matt White for sharing. Matt is the owner of JoltCMS where he helps businesses help their customers.



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