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Client Testimonials

When our clients are successful,
we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Sandler helped HubSpot increase sales productivity by 15%

"Sandler's unique training is about sharpening critical sales skills. That extra ten to fifteen percent improvement in productivity makes a huge difference and will help sales professionals at all levels of their careers succeed."

- Yamini Rangan, HubSpot CEO

HubSpot Case Study

Jenna Waltz

John Zielinski

Tony Bartinelli

Tony Bartinelli

"I have been working with Ken for well over a year. He is my trainer, my consultant, my coach, and my mentor; I also consider him a friend. After 25 years in sales, Ken has sculpted me into a better, more refined salesperson. Ken didn't try to retrain or have me start all over. He gave me bits and pieces of invaluable training and advice. I trust fully in Ken's abilities and methods. My only complaint is that I did not meet Ken sooner. Trust in his knowledge and the Sandler Sales Method and you won't be disappointed in the results. I look forward to continued success working with Ken and his team."

Erin Evans

Erin Evans

"I think these workshops are AMAZING. I can't believe how much information I am retaining, and I know more now than I did coming in, and after many years in sales. I am very honored to be a part of this! Great work to the team!"

Matt Moldvay

Gray Silva

Jesica Wilfong

Jesica Wilfong

"Ken and I met last year and he has played an integral part in the growth of my business and I value his expertise as a professional and friend. He has tremendous ideas and is always supportive, he’s a top-notch coach and mentor who has made a tremendous impact on me personally and my business!! I cannot thank him enough and I am excited for what the future holds!"

Damon Linder

Damon M. Linder

"I have only recently embarked upon what I define as a “traditional” sales career. My initial experience with sales was centered on technical sales at a Tier 1 automotive supplier. In June 2014, I began a new job where my responsibilities included a more traditional sales role including prospecting, building new relationships with customers, and quoting. While much of my previous experience could be leveraged in my new role, I definitely felt that I could benefit from additional sales training. This is what led me to participate in Sandler Training, specifically with my coach Ken Guest."

Nick Feyerchak

Ted Sadar

Mark Zollinger

Mark Zollinger

"Jordan has been very helpful in my sales training. His focus has been developing an efficient system for my sales process and providing one on one support to maximize the learning curve. My new home sales have increased by 50% in the past year. I am pleased to recommend Jordan as a trainer who will get results."

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