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The Ruby Group | Akron and Columbus, OH

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

Al Mothersbaugh

Akron Glass Tinting

Watch as Al Mothersbaugh shares about how the Sandler process has allowed him to take control of the sales call.

Damon M. Linder

Lampion Companies / Beyond Z & Adjunct 

Industry: Construction

"I have only recently embarked upon what I define as a “traditional” sales career. My initial experience with sales was centered on technical sales at a Tier 1 automotive supplier. In June 2014, I began a new job where my responsibilities included a more traditional sales role including prospecting, building new relationships with customers, and quoting. While much of my previous experience could be leveraged in my new role, I definitely felt that I could benefit from additional sales training. This is what led me to participate in Sandler Sales Training, specifically with my coach Ken Guest.

Ken is a great salesman. He is highly motivated, hard-working, conscientious, etc. Frankly, so are many other sales people. What sets Ken apart is how he communicates the breadth of his knowledge and skills in passionate and inspiring way. Ken has provided me with both the basic information to enhance my sales skills, as well as, the motivation to continue to be positive even when I was not “having such a great month.”

With Ken’s guidance, over the course of one year I was able to increase the number of nationwide maintenance service company contracts from one to four resulting in an increased revenue of 400%. Further, my total sales increased 378% during the same period.

I absolutely recommend Ken Guest, and the Sandler Sales Training, method to anyone who wishes to achieve similar successes."

Dan Peckinpaugh

Kenan Advantage

Industry: Logistics

"At the first Bootcamp, I was a little hesitant about the program. Not because it was something new, I’ve always embraced the programs that KAG has asked me to attend. I like to consider myself open-minded, and I feel they have enough faith in me to offer me such opportunities to help me succeed. No, I was hesitant because it was Sales training, and I don’t consider myself a salesman. Of course we are all sales-people on one level or another. We sell ourselves to the world everyday with our personalities and attitudes. But I don’t deal directly with customers in that type of situation, so I questioned why I was there. I soon realized why. After almost a full year with Sandler. 4 Bootcamps. 3 One-on-one sessions with my advisor. And so many President’s Club sessions that I have failed to count (including a couple virtual ones). I have gain not only knowledge about what I can do as a salesman (if I ever become one), but also have improved my skills as a manager. I’ve gained skills on not being afraid to hear no and actually trying to get that result sometimes (because it might be the better decision). I’ve gained confidence and changed my behavior. Overall, it’s be a fantastic experience and I plan to continue to work with Sandler in the days/weeks/months/years to come".

Brian Toma

Freeman Heyne

Industry: Financial Services

"If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level-the Ruby Group (Sandler Sales and Service Trainers) can help you implement a system where you can achieve your goals. Whether it is sales or customer service, both are vital to growing your company and the Ruby Group does both very well. Heather leads the Customer Care training group, a new and unique program designed to help your customer service team be the team you want representing you every day with your clients and prospects. Not training your customer service people is no longer an can only grow by keeping your current clients happy".

Nichole (Rudd) Verner

Kenan Advantage Group

Industry: Logistics

"I found the Sandler program to be very worthwhile. Most programs are a quick two-day session and you walk away forgetting everything you heard. With the quarterly sessions to bring us all together, coupled with the twice monthly in-house training, the reinforcements are really helpful in retaining the information. I have put several of the techniques to work over the last year and feel very confident in my abilities to more effectively close sales. Further, I have been able to eliminate potential accounts that are not a good fit for our business model, saving me time to focus on stronger opportunities". 

Mark Zollinger

Zollinger Builders

Industry: Construction


Jordan has been very helpful in my sales training. His focus has been developing an efficient system for my sales process and providing one on one support to maximize the learning curve. My new home sales have increased 50% in the past year. I am pleased to recommend Jordan as a trainer who will get results.

Jay Miller

DRM Productions, Inc.

Watch as Jay Miller discusses his first year in sales and how his Sandler Training allowed him to manage his behavior to achieve success.

Luke Martin

Birdeye, Hatch Web Development, Inc.

Industry: Internet

Jordan has a unique ability to help companies achieve their sales goals. He is gifted at listening and working through sales challenges by consulting, coaching and training, and his strategy establishes long-term growth. Jordan and his team transformed (and continues to transform) the way my businesses approach sales, and if you want to increase your revenue, talk to Jordan!

Justin Jeffers

VP, Private Fleet Conversions

Kenan Advantage Group

I have had the privilege of working with Ken for the past two years. Ken has provided not only education, development and mentoring on the professional side, but also support and friendship on the personal side. Ken has been able to tailor their sales training to my learning style, and knows me well enough at this point to be honest, blunt, and to the point with me. Ken, and honestly the rest of the team at the Ruby Group, are top notch. I would highly encourage anyone looking for sales training and professional development to reach out to Ken. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Jesica Wilfong

PetalSweet Cleaning

Industry: Services

"Ken and I met last year and he has played an integral part in the growth of my business and I value his expertise as a professional and friend. He has tremendous ideas and is always supportive, he’s a top-notch coach and mentor who has made a tremendous impact on me personally and my business!! I cannot thank him enough and I am excited for what the future holds!"

Jim Laber


Watch as Jim shares how his organization’s Sandler Training has helped their sales processes, sales methodologies and bottom line growth.

Adam Wirkiowski

RICO Manufacturing, Inc.

Industry: Manufacturing

Heather was the instructor for a Strategic Customer Care program I attended at The Ruby Group. Her passion for the material and ability to personalize her approach kept the sessions interesting and very informative. Her presentations were well prepared and she provided concise examples of how the source material can be used everyday to provide our customers with exemplary service using the Sandler method

Jason Reynolds


Watch as Jason shares about how Sandler's reinforcement training has been implemented across their entire organization.