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How To Succeed [Podcast]

Get an inside look at the attitudes, behavior, and techniques necessary to succeed at anything.

Join your host Mike Montague

as he interviews Sandler trainers, authors, and experts about how to succeed at absolutely anything. You will learn how to get to the top and stay there!

Today's topic "Learn How Succeed at Preventing Stalls and Objections!"

Joe Ippolito, a Sandler Trainer from Boston, shares his best practices for preventing stalls and objections. Most sales training and salespeople handle stalls and objections, but there is only one person who is qualified to do that, the prospect! Joe will teach you how to avoid objections in the first place.

Sandler is celebrating success!

When you connect personally with consumers one on one, you increase your potential to earn more connections, conversions and customer loyalty. We encourage everyone, whether you're a client or not, to share your idea of success and what success looks like to you. There are millions of success stories out there and Sandler wants to share and celebrate them all!

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