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You Don’t Have to Always Cold Call

If you've been in sales for more than six months, and you're still making cold calls, you're on the wrong track. You're not going to reach the top. Your manager and /or company may be proud of you for making these calls, but top sales performers would tell you you're wasting your time. There's a better way to get to the top.

You know about the 80/20 Rule, don't you? In sales, you get 80 percent of your business from 20 percent of your customers. Well, the same rule applies to prospecting. Go to your local library and read "The Law of Compensation" in the book Emerson's Essays. In one simple sentence, it says, "Give more, get more." However, If you spend your time every day looking for someone who will consider your product or service, you're working harder, but not smarter.

Top sales performers spend 80 percent of their time servicing their clients and customers, and only 20 percent of their time prospecting. You can only do that comfortably if you understand Emerson's Law of Compensation.

Emerson’s Law of Compensation

I learned about Emerson's Law the hard way.  In a previous sales career, I was doing a mediocre job spending 80 percent of my time selling and 20 percent servicing my clients. Then I discovered “The Law of Compensation”. I decided to make the switch.  Once I made the switch and committed my time to clients, I discovered that my clients started selling for me!

And that's how I run my business today.  I stopped spending most of my time selling my training product and started spending most of my time servicing people by teaching them reinforcement training. I was not satisfied by simply selling quick fix motivational programs. I wanted people to use the materials and benefit from them. But people told me that I was foolish for giving away my time. I disagreed. I believed in Emerson. I believed that by giving more, I would get more, and it happened. As a result 80 percent of my business is from referrals from people who benefited from my training and coaching.

How are you spending your time? 

Remember:  Top sales performers get their clients and customers to prospect for them.

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