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Seldom do people have written goals...

It’s amazing but true: some people have trouble seeing farther than the end of their current workday. When you talk to these people, you’ll often find them drowning in their everyday problems. When you ask how they can go on this way, they give you a strange look, as if they have no alternative.

But you know better. You know that each morning brings you closer to your goals and you can look past the wear and tear of the day-to-day “grunt work." You won’t spend today brooding over what happened yesterday—or worse, worrying about what might happen tomorrow. You also know there’s an easy way to stay motivated, and guarantee your success. It’s as simple as building a goals program.

Goals keep you motivated on the tough days when you feel you’re slipping. And they give you the peak experiences on the days when you hit the target. The vision of a better future embodied in your goals gives you reasons to move through obstacles, not around them. They answer the question, “Why?”

Goal setting does not have to be hard…
Goals don’t have to be glamorous or earth shaking. They don’t have to reach into some far distant future. You can start small with goals that take you through tomorrow, into next week, or next month; or lifetime goals that reach as high and as far as you dare to dream. Large or small, you must have goals if you are to achieve.

Your goals have been there all along…
You can’t buy goals in a store or order them on-line. You can’t borrow them from your neighbors. So where do you find them? In your mind. And how do you find them and free them? By ignoring the problems of the day-to-day grind, and leaping over the limits of old habits and fears. Take time to let your imagination soar. Allow yourself to dream. Imagine, “What if . . .?” and capture on paper the new pictures you see—even if only for an instant.  

Then, once they’re captured, allow these small scratches on a pad, these glimpses of the future, to take shape as the masterpiece, which is to be your future.

You can do it—if you dare!



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