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Smart phones and tablets allow salespeople on the go to have affordable business resources at their fingertips. Thanks to application developers across the U.S., many of the best business apps that benefit salespeople are free. Here at The Ruby Group, we’ve listed our five favorite cost-effective apps for salespeople that can help boost business and make your job a little easier.

1) Sandler – $4.99
Ever want to bring your Sandler training materials into a meeting with you, but without the bulk of a heavy binder? Thanks to their iPhone and iPad app featuring all of Sandler’s sales tips, you won’t have to worry about lugging hard copies with you. And best of all, this app allows you to take a quick refresher course before entering a tough meeting. Whether your meeting is for negotiation purposes, to make a new deal, or simply to discuss a potential lead, you’ll have all the resources you need right in front of you. We may be a little bias but we think this is one of the best business apps because of its convenience.

2) Drop Box – Free
If you get stressed out about backing up your old documents, or how your documents would suffer from a computer crash, Drop Box is for you. Simply put your file into the Drop Box, and it can be easily shared with others. When using this app, you can ensure any person working on a project is looking at the correct version of the document, but you’re also able to restore previous versions without hassle.

This can help a sales team work effectively by ensuring each member has access to these files. And you won’t have to worry about losing access to a file – because it’s right on your phone or tablet.

3) mbPointer – $2.99
The mbPointer app works seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint and becomes a remote for presentations associated with the software. This takes the stress off of you, the presenter, since you’ll have a remote handy at all times. Now, you don’t have to think about bringing a separate remote or whether or not your room is equipped with one.

This app can double as a wireless mouse for your keyboard as well.

4) LinkedIn – Free
Sure, you can log-in to LinkedIn on your PC at work, but when you’re out and about, the LinkedIn app can help you access your professional network anywhere, anytime. If you meet a new person at a meeting or an event, you can see how you are connected to them and potentially create a sale on the spot. It’s all about who you know, and how you approach them, right?

This app is updated frequently and constantly adding new features.

5) Address Me – Free
When you’re out and about and notice a business that could be a potential lead, what do you do? If you’re able to walk in confidently and have your sales materials with you, that’s great, go in. But if you want to do a little more research about the organization, its administrative team, and its mission before coming back, the Address Me app is just what you need. This app grabs your location and the address can either be copied to your clipboard for future use, or it can be sent through a text message or email. You can save the information and return to the business when you’re ready to wow the executives.

This is one of the best business apps for sales professionals on the go who make cold/warm visits frequently. 

Today’s technology has benefited all industries, and for those in sales, we can be grateful that apps for salespeople like the ones listed above, are readily accessible and affordable. We hope you found this list of some of the top 10 apps in sales helpful.

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