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When I first got involved in the various social media platforms, I started with LinkedIn.  I started building “connections,” giving and getting recommendations, and, in general, building my profile.  But the problem was that I really had no idea why I was doing it, other than I thought it might be useful down the road.

Well, I finally figured out how to take full advantage of these platforms in a very constructive way for my business.  I’ve used LinkedIn to stop making cold calls and start making referral calls.  My suggestion is to first build your profile with as many connections as you can from all walks of your life.  Then, when you come across a name of someone you do not know, who could be a potential prospect, look them up and try to see if you have mutual connections or friends.  Prior to reaching out to the prospect, talk with the mutual friend and see if you could get introduced.  How much more likely are you to get a call back or have a meaningful conversation with that introduction than if it were a straight cold call?

This is definitely something worth investing your time into.  Best of luck selling!!


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