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Step 1- Have a goal.  Sounds silly, but most people do not have a clearly defined objective for what they want to accomplish.

Step 2- Track your progress toward that goal.  What's important is you need to do both Step 1 & 2 together.  You can't do Step 1 without Step 2 and visa versa.  Example: "What's your new meeting goal?" It's 6. "Where you at?" I don't know.  Conversely, "How many new meetings have you set?" I've set 4.  "What's your goal?" I don't know.   You must do these together! 

Step 3- Get yourself some external accountability.  If you could do it on your on, you'd have done it already.  External accountability increases your odd for success. 

Step 4- Improve your technique if you're not improving toward your goal.  Most people know what to do but they struggle with how to do it. 

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