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Mike Jones

Think of the last time you felt like you were missing out on something. Maybe you couldn’t get a ticket to the best concert of the year. Maybe you saw all your friends tagged in a photo on Facebook and you weren’t there. Or maybe your neighbor joined an exclusive group for members only.

Ever struggle with self-confidence? Ever have a moment (or several moments) of self-doubt? Ever feel like maybe you’re not cut out for sales? We all have those thoughts from time to time, and these self-limiting beliefs have the potential to crush us if we let them. Here’s how these beliefs can sound…

Around this time of year, just about everyone is talking about brackets. It’s NCAA Basketball time, and March Madness is in full swing. Brackets are everywhere…online, hanging on refrigerators, posted on bulletin boards – you name it. But, did you know there’s a much more important bracket when it comes to sales?

Step 1- Have a goal. Sounds silly, but most people do not have a clearly defined objective for what they want to accomplish.

If you could boil down sales success to just one thing, what would it be?

In Sandler, we often refer to “having the cure for my industry’s cancer.” In other words, my product or service is here to save the day. If I walk into a prospect’s office, and I hold the key to his or her success, I’m going to let them know about it. I’m going to be confident in the results it brings or the money it saves or the help it provides.

Have you ever been stuck in the car heading to where ever your going with three kids in the back seat whining, “Are we there yet? When are we going to get there? Why is it taking so long?”

Learn how to use LinkedIn to stop making cold calls and start making referral calls.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." -Ambrose Redmoon

We hear about malpractice all the time: “Dr. So-and-so was charged with medical malpractice.” And, to be honest, I’ve never thought of malpractice outside of the medical industry. I’m guessing you haven’t either. But, I’d be willing to bet you’re guilty of committing malpractice yourself…SALES MALPRACTICE!