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The Ruby Group | Akron and Columbus, OH

Heather Surratt

As I coach my clients, I often hear them tell me that Sandler training has not only impacted them professionally, but also personally. This got me thinking about the principles of Sandler and how they could impact our parenting effectiveness.

Setting an agreement on what will happen next is something we do every day. It is something we do naturally in most cases without even thinking about it. Why is this important and how can we leverage it in a business setting?

I do a lot of business and professional coaching. 9 times out of 10 the subject of work/life balance comes up. How do we establish boundaries for our work and family time? Are we allowing others to take over control of our schedule, pushing us towards burn out? There are 2 factors we need to consider when evaluating this.

We all need a coach…. Being comfortable being uncomfortable is a motto we have here at my office. I know that if I am uncomfortable, I am growing. As we start 2017, my question to you is: Who do you have in your life that pushes you to grow and be better than you were yesterday? My son Cody was looking at colleges for next fall for academics and wrestling.