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We all need a coach…. Being comfortable being uncomfortable is a motto we have here at my office. I know that if I am uncomfortable, I am growing. As we start 2017, my question to you is: Who do you have in your life that pushes you to grow and be better than you were yesterday?

My son Cody was looking at colleges for next fall for academics and wrestling. My husband and I brought up the idea of looking at the Air Force Academy. Cody admitted that he didn’t know much about it, but would be interested in checking it out. He started the process by printing out a binder full of tasks and documents that needed to be filled out, and then I noticed it sat collecting dust on the desk for about 30 days. When I asked him a month later why he hadn’t touched the application, he said, “mom, I checked into it and only 15% of the people that apply get in. You have to have a 30 on your ACT-I won’t get in”. Fear of failure holds us back so often. Why not try? Be uncomfortable, push yourself to grow?

Long story short is that Cody did try and he did get in. I am so proud of him for accomplishing that, but even more for taking that step towards growing, pushing himself outside his comfort zone, and not being afraid to fail. That is a life lesson that he can carry with him for the long haul.

Henry Ford said, “If one man thinks he can, and another thinks he cannot, they are both right”. Are you getting in your own way? What is holding you back? Do you have the right people in place to challenge you this year? Do you have written goals and a plan for accountability?

Once again, we all need a coach….



Good stuff, and good perspective

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